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Birbhum Tourist Places

Sited near Bolpur, in the Birbhum District of West Bengal, Santiniketan is a small town famous worldwide, as it was the hometown of the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, a Bengali polymath. Better known as the university town in West Bengal,     Santiniketan is a great tourist attraction, because Rabindranath Tagore    wrote many of his literary classics here only. Though the place can be visited all throughout the year, the Poush Mela deserves special mention. A 3 day fair, it usually starts on the seventh day of the Bengali month Poush, which falls in the last week of December. More

DubrajpurDubrajpur is a little settlement and have a Shiva temple. There are numerous huge rocks in the locality. Two significant rocks are recognized as Mama& Bhagne (Uncle & Nephew).

HetampurIt is positioned near Dubrajpur, is well-known for the past heritage Rajbari. Here are numerous reservoirs enclosed by lofty palm trees. 8 km from Dubrajpur, the Ranjan Palace, made in the style of Hazarduari of Murshidabad is one of the chief tourist spots here, is a beautiful specimen of art and architecture. Besides the terracotta temple of Dewanji Shiva also draws the attention of the pilgrims. 
SriniketanMerely 3 km from Santiniketan, the university town in West Bengal, is Sriniketan, a rural reconstruction center that was established in 1922. A sister unit of Shantiniketan, Sriniketan was mainly established to bring back life in its completeness to the villages and help people solve their problems on their own. Today, Sriniketan is a shopper's paradise, offering traditional handicrafts, such as batik, pottery, weaving kantha embroidery and dokra. Apart from this, major attractions in Sriniketan include Kala Bhavana, Rabindra Bhavana, Uttarayan Gardens and Deer Park.

Temple of Nandikeswari 

This temple was constructed in 1903. It is 179 km from Howrah. A piece of marble, positioned in between a pipul and banyan tree, is worshipped by the followers. There are also deities of other gods and goddesses. A fair is arranged once a year at some time in autumn. It is thought that the bone of the neckline of Sati cut down at Sainthia which is previously known as Nandipur


Sited in the village Tarapur, Tarapith is a religious and sacred place. While some believe that Tarapith is so called because the eye ball (tara) of Sati fell here, the others are of the opinion that Sage Basistha worshipped Goddess Sati in the form of Tara, at this place. The latter belief says that the place is not a shaktipeeth and owes its sanctity to Sage Basistha. Whatever be the opinion, Tarapith is a must-see for tourists in Birbhum.

Bakreshwar59 km from Shantniketan and 19 km from Suri by road, Bakreshwar is approachable from both the places. On the way, you may give a step over to the renowned Mama-Bhagne hill at Dubrajpur. It appears that nature has taken ache to place the gravel here and redecorate the set. This position is dwelling of the Oraon tribes. You may locate numerous hilly caves; one of them somewhat renowned is Baghsuni. Somewhat close to, there are the temples of Pahareshwar Shiva and Shasan Kali, according to the legend; it is worshipped by the eminent dacoit Raghu. The Mughal Kuthi at Mahanto Para is also a significant place to pay a visit. And the terracotta Shiva temple and Trayodash Ratna temples are worth to visit 

Fullara Fullara is just 50 km from Bolpur linked with Nanur/ Kirnahar. The myth is that, the lip of Sati cut down at Fullara. There is an old temple with no deity in it. As a substitute there is a piece of tortoise-shaped rock admired by the disciples. A fair is organized yearly in the month of Magh. Labhpur is famous as it is the birth place of Tarasankar Bandopadhyay, renowned novelist of Bengal. For residing here one can make contact with the Labhpur Guest House.There is a temple of Dharma in close by the village, Bele. Those who are suffering from arthritis come to this village to have a bath in the pool, adjoining to the temple which is believed to have a celestial healing power. 

Suri Suri, better known as Suiri, is just the place for those who want to taste rustic beauty and rich cultural heritage in Birbhum. The picturesque exquisiteness of the place, coupled with rolling green farms, blissful ambience and aromatic atmosphere, gives way to a perfect holidaying experience. Though Suri is the district headquarters of Birbhum, the city is a hidden gem of West Bengal and is far away from the evils of the city life. It boasts of a glorious past in the bygone era, the rich culture heritage and ancient monuments promising the facts.

MasanjoreMasanjore is a desired place for a short time tour. The Tilpara Barrage on Mayurakshi is constructed here. The barrage at Masanjore is also identified as Canada Dam. The barrage is 113 ft high 2000 ft long with 21 lock gates which manage the water of Mayurakshi. The dam is enclosed by mount and wood, and perfect spot for outing.The Massanjore Dam was built up in 1955 in Canadian support. It is 34.4 m. elevated and 609.6 m. extended. The Mayurakshi River water is regulated with a series of 21 lock gates. Low green hills around the Massanjore Dam join with the Birbhum's santhal, or tribal, belt. 

Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary

Birbhum offers explorers and those in quest of excitement and thrill an excellent opportunity to indulge in adventure escapade. Located near Shantiniketan, in Bolpur subdivision of Birbhum District, Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1977. Popularly known as Deer Park, the sanctuary is home to a number of wild animals, including the blackbuck and spotted deer. Apart from this, the fauna of the region includes jackals, foxes and a variety of water birds. The eco system of the sanctuary is excellent.

Kankali PithIt is situated in the village, Bengutia, in the station Prantik. The unique temple is surrounded by the hot spring. Devi Kali in the appearance of Devi Kankali is admired in this temple. This temple is believed to be an extremely holy place by the Hindus. A festivity is also held yearly throughout the April. Adjacent to the temple is the there runs the Kopai River. Close to, the temples of Lord Kanchiswar Shiva and Devi Ruru Bhairav be worthy of a visit.



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